The Yatharth Yog Ashram is a developing place, a space for grounding and appreciation of the natural way of life. You are welcome here to work, play, serve and enjoy, together with your fellow beings. It is a simple life dedicated to health and happiness.
Enjoy the website, and feel free to contact us.

As we have experienced some major setbacks the last year, most of our projects are on hold at the moment. That means we get a fresh start! It also means not all the information on the website is accurate. Please get in touch to inquire about the actual state of things.

Take a look at our plans for the coming weeks/months.

Our cows need your support!!! Please help us to keep this magnificent old breed alive!

and we have a new page with long-term volunteering opportunities


When all work is done

in recognition of the One Being

nothing remains to be done

while nothing is left undone


Thanks to all the lovely people that supported us through the years. This place would be nothing without you!


This website was created to provide information on the projects of the YatharthYogAshram Foundation. You can navigate the top-bar and side-bar to read more on our projects, our philosophy and our goals. Enjoy!