What to bring and not to bring to the camp

Here’s an attempt to give you a list of a few items you could or should not bring to the camp:

Things to bring:

– a spoon if you think you would like to use it (we serve food in the traditional way without utensils)
– warm clothes, especially in January and the beginning of February
– soap and shampoo with an ‘eco’ touch
– earplugs if you are sensitive to sounds
– toilet paper if you need it (you can also use water like the Indians, which is more environmentally sound)
– musical instruments

All of this is optional, since everything you need is here.

We have a supply of ground water, which is used as drinking water. We boil a pot of this water in the morning so you can refill your bottles. Bottled water is available at the little shops around the corner.

What you should not bring:
– avoid plastic when possible
– alcohol and meat products

– high luxury expectations 🙂

Please remember to bring your open mind and loving heart to share in this great opportunity of the Kumbh <3