What to bring and not to bring to the camp

Here’s an attempt to give you a list of a few items you could or should not bring to the camp:

You have to bring:

– 2 photocopies of both your passport and visa (it is possible to get this at the shops not too far from the camp)
– your own soap, also for cleaning your clothes
– warm clothes, especially in January and beginning of February

You could bring:
– sleeping bag or blankets (this might help us cover the need for blankets more easily)
– soap and shampoo with an ‘eco’ touch
– earplugs
– toilet paper
– musical instruments

All of this is optional, since everything you need will be here. If you bring your sleeping bag, let us know this in advance, please, so we know what to provide for your can avoid unnecessary costs.

We have a supply of ground water, which is used as drinking water. If you don’t trust this, we can cook some water for you in the morning. Or you can go and get bottled water around the corner at the little shops that are set up for the Kumbh.>/p>.

What you should not bring:
– avoid plastic if possible
– alcohol and meat products

– high luxury expectations 🙂

Please remember to bring your open mind and loving heart to share in this great opportunity of the Kumbh <3