Nov-Dec 2013: Karma Yoga Camp

We’re getting people together to work with us in November and December 2013. Bruno and Radhebaba will be here. It’s a great opportunity for a positive exchange and Self-discovery.

Click here to read more on the concept of Karma Yoga.

On a practical level:

– we need a few hands on the land
– we need a few hands in the garden
– and a few in the house: cleaning, cooking, taking care of the cows…
– we’ll be doing some work on the buildings (reparations, painting…)
– and of course: there’s always things we can’t foresee :-)

We will also start with our English and Computer classes. Feel free to join this project!

We’ll be including some yoga and meditation where it feels right to do so. And there’s always plenty of time to relax, take a walk or do whatever you feel like doing, in the knowledge that it must be right.

If you want to participate in this camp, you should send us an email with you application. Add a description of your skills and interests, a short introduction, the reason(s) for joining, and anything else we should know.

Minimum contribution is 300 rupees per day. Stays of less than one week are usually not possible, but you can always ask for an exception.

Extra contributions are welcome and will be used in the projects of the Ahsram.

We will probably have no more than 12 places for this period. So apply on time :-). Thanks!
Hope to see you here!