Karma Yoga

The Ashram in Rajpur is closed at this moment. Radhebaba is now staying in his ashram next to the Charbhuja temple in Rajsamand district near Udaipur. Please click here for more information.

The practice of keeping your attention on your natural sense of Being while seemingly acting in the world, is called Karma Yoga

Actually, all attention, all thoughts and all actions are rooted in Consciousness. But in daily life, human beings tend to learn how to ignore this. We tend to believe any thought that says we are a person with a personal and selfish motive for action. In fact, this is not really true. All thoughts and actions come from the Supreme and are for the enjoyment of the Supreme.

To transcend the limitations of self-image and feel the immediacy of your own Being is a great Joy. Work and play are the same. Every uncomfortable reaction is an opportunity to see what is real and transcend what is not real.

We share the environment of the Ashram to support each other in this seeing. When we see ourselves as Consciousness, not as an idea of Consciousness, but as Presence, then others must also be this. Just by looking at each other, detached from any story, always fresh, we contribute to an environment that stimulates the ever fresh discovery of our True Nature.

The Joy that comes from transcending limitations, the intimate Love that is our True Nature, is so powerful it can wash away ages of Karmic involvements and latent vasanas. It has the power to liberate us completely from the false sense of being a separate entity. If we are ready to let go of what we think we are, it is so.