Necessary Investments

If you feel like supporting the Ashram with a one time donation, you might want to have an idea of what we’re planning to do with any extra funds we have. You can also make a donations specifically for one of these or other projects. Here’s the list, with estimates:

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! At this point, we are in a difficult financial situation. If we want to keep our cows healthy and happy, we really need you support. So this is our first concern at the moment. All else will have to wait..

1. Inverter/battery to stock electricity in the night for use in the day for computers (classes) and water pump. Estimated at 20.000 rupees.
2. The final touch on the roof structure of the school, to make it 100% waterproof. Estimated at 15.000 rupees.
3. Updating the electrical grid for our safety. Estimated at 5.000 rupees.
4. Plaster for the walls, estimated at 3000 rupees.
5. Tiles for the floor of the classroom. Estimated at 10.000 rupees.
6. Tiles for the floor of the Kitchen. Estimated at 5.000 rupees.
7.Wood to make cupboards for the rooms, class, kitchen… Estimated at 5.000 rupees.
8. Finishing the walls of the outer boundry. Estimated at 60.000 rupees.
9. Wiring for the outer boundry to protect ourselves from monkey attacks. Estimated at 20.000 rupees.
10. A new and improved gobar gas system for using the gasses coming from cow dung in our kitchen. Estimated at 50.000 rupees.
11. A new hand pump. Estimated at 7.000 rupees.

Well, there’s a lot more, but these are the first 11 coming to mind.

So if you’d like to make a donation: they are very welcome!