Monthly Contributions to support our basic operations

We’re looking for SPONSORS to cover the monthly expenses of the Ashram’s basic operations:

We have 12 beautiful cows – 150 Euro/210 Dollar per month
Some people working with us – 200 Euro/280 Dollar per month
Groceries – 100 Euro/140 Dollar per month
Other small costs – 50 Euro/70 Dollar per month

So, a total ‘running cost’ of about 500 Euro/700 Dollar per month, just to maintain what exists here today.


We do receive some donations from people staying here,
and we manage to sell some crops for a small profit,
but our work has started to suffer under the financial pressure.
The options we see: sell cows, get a smaller place, sell land…
To be honest: we don’t like these options.

So here is the opportunity for you to help us out: you can support us with a MONTHLY DONATION of 5, 10, 20, or even 50 Euro/Dollar!!!

You will get nothing in return, except our Gratitude and, now and then, a little update about what we’re doing with your money.

In this way, you give us the opportunity to continue doing what we’re doing, day by day, in our own small way,. If God permits, it will be so 🙂

Now, of course, we don’t want anyone to get into trouble for this… so only if you feel it is a good thing, and easy for you to do it, we will accept your donation.

The way to proceed is simple enough:
1) Write us an email stating the amount you would like to donate every month.
2) We’ll send you a reply with the bank details and different ways in which we can receive your donation, and a big Thank You
3) You can proceed to install a monthly transfer through internet banking, or go to your bank to inform them about your wish…
4) Get back to us once this is arranged, so we know what to expect.

Thanks a lot!