Holi Festival: 20 March – 4 April 2019

Radhebaba, the villagers of Garhbor and the priests of the Charbhuja temple invite all to celebrate Holi with them. Welcome!

Holi is a very special event here. It is celebrated with traditional natural colors, as it is not allowed to use chemical colors near the temple.

After Holi, an image of Krishna is brought out in front of the temple and placed in a silver swing (first week) and then a golden swing (second week). Accompanied by traditional music, Krishna is then swung and pampered for a few hours before returning to the temple for His sleep.

The villagers come together every night in the compounds of the temple to dance a traditional ‘stick-dance’, starting slowly but soon picking up speed in a fierce display of swirling movements. It’s a miracle no one gets hurt. A wonderful sight indeed.

So the Holi festival continues for two full weeks, with lots of merry-making and delicious Prasad every single day.

Almost no tourists come to the temple, so as a foreigner you will be well hosted and guided by local temple priests and villagers, just out of pure joy.

If you come with an open mind and are respectful of local people, this could be one of the most authentic experiences on your trip in India.

You can send us an email or contact Radhebaba directly – (+91) 9927248793

Happy Holi!