Charbhuja Temple in Garhbor, Rajasthan

This article on Wikipedia may be useful if you want to know a bit more about the village and the temple.

It is easy to reach Garhbor by bus or by train from Delhi or Mumbai.

The bus can drop you at Gaumti Chauraha (Gaumti Crossing) on the main highway from Delhi to Mumbai. From that spot, it is about 10 km to the temple town. Many riksha’s (shared or booked) are available at the Chauraha, and some busses also ply this route on the way to Jodhpur.

Trains can bring you up to Charbhuja Road, 30km from the village. Many busses are there to take you to Charbhuja (Garhbor).

Or you can take a train to Udaipur and then hop on any bus headed to Ajmer, Jaipur or Delhi from there. They will pass bay the Gaumti Chauraha near Charbhuja.

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