It is impossible to do the things we do without financial contributions. Small scale organic farming cannot pay for the certification and so we don’t get a higher price for our organic produce. The old cow breeds give much less milk compared the ‘modern’ ones and we don’t slaughter our calves to get cheap milk. So we do need your support in this!

To support the basic operations of the Ashram and the Gowsala, a monthly contribution is a good option.

One time donations give us the chance to make some necessary investments.So if you would like to make a donatition, please do so! We are very grateful for all the support we receive.

If you are sending a donation from abroad, you can only send a personal donation to Radhebaba because of the strict rules for foreign contributions to Indian trusts. Radhe will spend the money as he always does: on whetever is needed at the moment.

1 It’s quick and easy to send a donation to Bruno’s account using Paypal. He will then send it to Radhe. Just click on the donate button below.

2. A simple bank transfer to Radhe’s account in India is another possibility, but might be quite expensive: Ask your bank what they charge before you proceed.

3. You can transfer through an online foreign exchange company to minimize the costs of the transaction, especially useful if you want to make a one time donation.

4. You can transfer your donation to Bruno’s account in Belgium. It will be sent to Radhe, together with other donations. This is especially useful for monthly donations, and certainly for people sending a donation from within Europe.

From an Indian bank account:

You can transfer the amount to (State Bank of India) account number 33326358688 of Yatharth Yog Ashram Samiti, Rajpur-Bahjoi 244410, India. You can add the following SWIFT-address or BIC (Bank Identifier Code): SBIN0002516.

If you mention on which project you would like to spend the donation, we will use it for just that. If not, we’ll use it on the projects that need it the most.

All donations are greatly appreciated.