Teaching English and computer skills

Next to Hindi, English is a national language of India. Is is taught as a subject in all schools in India. Still, most people really don’t speak any English. Even teachers that know all about English grammar can often not understand or speak English. But people are aware of the importance of this language and of the fact that it’s the best medium to join the ‘global community’.

In and around Rajpur there are many people that wish to learn English. But there are no good teachers! We’re starting our Englsih and computer classes in December 2013. You can help us to make this happen, by a donation or… by coming to teach.

You may ask yourself: don’t I need to speak Hindi for teaching English in Rajpur?

Well… not at all!

The total immersion method is all about learning a language by using it. Even at a very basic level this method works. So it might even be a good thing you don’t know Hindi.

We will combine English classes with computer classes. We have about 7 second hand laptops here to start with.

Of course, teaching English and computer skills is not something everyone that stays with us will want to do. That’s no problem. But if you’re planning to stay for at least two months and would like to teach a few days a week (3 tot 5), about two hours a day, you should let us know. We need you 🙂

Contact us in advance so we can make the necessary arangements.


Bruno & Radhebaba