Life at the Ashram

Life at the Ashram is quite simple, with plenty of daily chores and other projects to keep your body healthy and your mind free to enjoy the moment.

ThThe Ashram in Rajpur is closed at this moment. Radhebaba is now staying in his ashram next to the Charbhuja temple in Rajsamand district near Udaipur. Please click here for more information.

e Ashram’s main aim is ‘health’. The Hindi word for health is ‘swasth’, and, as Radhe likes to say, ‘swasth’ means ‘to be situated in your Self’, to know yourself as the Presence you truly are, not limited by thoughts or actions, ever free.

We only experience the world and our material and mental self-image throught the body. Staying open to experience this body as the first expression of your Being, before the mind, automatically leads to more sensitivity. Being centered in the Self, the mental tendencies based on personal identification with a self-image quiet down and the body is experienced in a fresh way. Nobody can teach you this. Just stay close to the sense of existence, before it becomes something external like a certain body or action or thought. It is always here. Enjoy!

The food served is sattvic and vegetarian. Those staying here can learn how to cook balanced food that nourishes body and mind.

Of course, physical work is a natural joy and it is Yoga. People staying at the Ashram can participate in the projects of the ashram: taking care of the cows, working on the organic fields and gardens, preparing food for guests and visitors, construction and maintenance work… and many more things that can be done. Read more on Karma Yoga

Staying at the Ashram is free of charge, although a donation to cover your living expenses is greatly appreciated (this would be about 2000 rupees a week = 25 euro or 35 dollar). Of course, we welcome extra donations to support the Ashram and its projects. But there’s absolutely no obligation.

Long-term visits of minimum three weeks are encouraged, as a longer stay will give you the opportunity to really settle into this living experience and to connect with the place and its people.

Of course, short-term visitors are equally welcome.

It is best to contact us before you arrive, as this gives us a chance to prepare your stay.

If you’re planning to stay at the Ashram, you can take a look at these Notes to New Visitors. A copy of these notes is available at the Ashram, too.

Although the place has changed a bit since then, you can take a look at this video to get a feel for it.