Kumbh Mela Camp 2019

Welcome to the Yatharth Yog Ashram at the great Kumbh Mela festival in Allahabad (Prayagraj) in January and February 2019 !!!

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The Ashram Camp at the Kumbh Mela

By the Grace of the One Lord, we have received the opportunity to set up camp at the Ardh Kumbh Mela until the 4th of March 2019.

Our aim is to provide a space for meeting and exchange within an ecologically and socially responsible setting, offering healthy food within a healthy sharing atmosphere, and to enjoy the discovery of the love and peace that lies at the center of our being from day to day.

The funds that are brought in by our visitors flow directly to the organization of the camp and to the village people that are working here with us to make this happen. In case some funds remain to be used after the camp has finished, they will flow back with Babaji to our projects in Rajasthan and Uttar Prnadesh.

Everyone is welcome to stay with us. International guests and friends are asked for a financial contribution to finance the facilities for staying here, but we are open to all visitors at any time.

Radhebaba is present at the camp throughout the Kumbh Mela. Bruno (‘international PR’ for Babaji and the camp) will be there most of the time. And other local and international friends (=you) will help to make this camp into a beautiful and uplifting home base within the Kumbh.

The buildup of the camp started in December 2018. We will be here until the 4th of March. Welcome!

The camp is located in SECTOR NUMBER 6, about 3.5km from the Sangam on the city side of the Ganges. From here, it is easy to reach the Sangam and the City Markets on foot or by shared Riksha for about 20 rupees per seat. >>> Read more on how to get to the camp..

Staying with us at the Kumbh Mela

So what is the camp like? What can you expect? Here is an attempt to describe it:

a diverse harmonious bunch of Indian village friends, babas and local and international guest, visitors and friends, under the intuitive guidance of Radhebaba
– an open atmosphere of sharing, where your contribution flows directly to the village people helping us here and to the social and ecological projects we are engaged in
– about 150×380 feet (50×125 meters) of camping space
– simple accommodation in dormitory tents and spacious dorm huts. Separate quarters for male/female/couples. A separate tent can also be arranged if you ask us in time.
– mattress and blankets (you won’t be cold)
– common bathroom (bucket shower, hot water by the bucket) and toilet facilities
– fresh vegetarian meals three times a day to keep you healthy and fit: small breakfast or fruit (around 9am), lunch (12 to 1 pm) and dinner (8 to 9 pm). You are free to skip some of these meals, of course
– space for our guests to sit, talk, read, meditate…
– a safety box for storing valuables
– light between 6pm and 7am for our light bulbs and for charging devices
– morning coffee and regular moments of chai-sharing
– spontaneous Yoga, Satsang and Bhajans
– assistance with getting to Allahabad and to our camp
– assistance with navigating the Kumbh once you are here
– an open atmosphere of cooperation and friendship. Feel free to bring or do anything that can help us make this place into a beautiful little paradise. You can even assist with the cooking – the best way to learn and share
– a great meeting place and a home base within this great meeting called the Kumbh Mela

* You can also bring your own sleeping bag or blankets. If you want to bring your tent, you can use it on the free space of the camping ground or even inside the bigger dorm tents for more privacy.

>>> What to bring and what not to bring to the camp

Even if you’re not staying at the camp, you are welcome to join us for Yoga, Satsang and Bhajans, or just to spend some time with us :-). You can also have food with us (Prasad). Please consider making a donation to the Ashram for this service.

Our guests are always free to go out and spend time in other camps, temples, ashrams, in the streets or at the side of the Ganga. Please read our page with cautions before you set out.

Your Financial Contribution

The organization and setup of the camp does cost money, of course. A contribution of 2000 rs (about 25€ or 28$) a day is enough to cover the expenses of your stay (incl. food, chai, coffee, fruits) and will help us to cover the costs of organizing and setting up the camp.

If we have enough space, we can accept a reduced contribution (-25% to -50%) for long term visitors (one week or more) or those on a tight budget expressing their wish to stay with us for a few days. If that’s the case for you, you are free to check with us by sending us an email or by calling us on (+91) 7068089750 (Bruno) or (+91) 9927248793 (Radhebaba).

In case someone is really stuck, lost or out of money, we will not hesitate to help him or her out, of course!

Always feel free to check in with us about your specific situation. We love to help if we can.

Places are limited! At the moment, we are planning on max. 20 places for international guests.

If you confirm your stay at least a few days before your arrival, we can easily organize a place for you. But you can even contact us for a place on the same day or you could just show up at the camp. If we have space, it is for you.

Please understand this is not a commercial project. Any funds that remain unused during the camp will be used in our ecological and social projects at the Kumbh and ‘back home’.

NOTE: It is better to avoid arriving at or leaving from Allahabad on any of the Major Bathing Days and on the day before a Major Bathing Day, as there could be huge crowds, traffic jams and road blocks.

We are very grateful for this opportunity to share time and space with you at the great Kumbh Mela! We want to thank all of you for your trust and for the contributions that are making this possible.

Any more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Blessings from the One Heart!

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