Karma Yoga and Voluntary Work

Volunteering Work is great. You get to know a place while interacting and working with the people, and your stay is a blessing for the place you’re staying. We love volunteers :-). But what do you expect from it? Well, if your expectations stand in the way of your ability to enjoy what IS, it’s a good idea to consider…

Karma Yoga is ‘action-without-a-personal-source’. It is action and thought as it is, seen from your True Place.

You can read a little more about Karma Yoga on this page.

On a practical level – here are just a few examples of what you might like to do:

construction work
teaching English and computer skills
daily chores
other possibilities

If you’re planning to visit the Ashram, you can contact us by mail, or give us a call. We check our mail once every week or two weeks, so if you want a quick reply, it’s best to call us. We’ve had some problems with unreceived emails in the past, so please call us if you don’t get a reply.

Please read these Notes to New VisitorsA copy of these notes is available at the Ashram, too.