Information for Visitors

The Ashram in Rajpur is closed at this moment. Radhebaba is now staying in his ashram next to the Charbhuja temple in Rajsamand district near Udaipur. Please click here for more information.

Hello, Hi, Namaste!

If you would like to stay at the Ashram for a short or longer period, please contact us.

Whatever your plans are, whatever you would like to do here, it’s amways best to come with an open and relaxed attitude. Take a few days to get to know the place. You’ll find many things to do/learn/enjoy. Radhebaba and the others will warmly welcome you. If you know the place to be your own, you’ll feel perfectly at home 🙂

There’s no lack of work: the land, the compost, the garden the rose field, the cows, costruction, painting, carpentry, daily chores, cleaning, cooking, the dishes… Some of you might have some idea about what they would like to do here. For others, it will become clear once they get here.

Short term visitors (up to two weeks) can take some smaller project to heart, or help out in the area they are familiar with, or where they would like to learn more.

Long term stayers can consider taking charge of a more long-term project at the ashram. We have a webpage especially for them.

The world is always changing, and India is changing fast. Rajpur is a village, more close to the traitional way of life than the cities. Please be sensitive to traditional values. You can learn something about them in every travel guide book.

As the projects of the Ashram depend mostly on support from friends and visitors, a donation to cover the expenses of your stay is greatly appreciated.(about 2000 rupees = 25 euro = 35 dollar/week), but we don’t mind if you are unable to contribute this amount. Of course, extra contributions are always welcome: they help to support our work. But what really matters is your motivation. So feel free to support our projects in your own way.

In the Ashram, we live in a ‘sharing environment’. That means we share work, food and an open mind with everyone that lives here. ‘Yatharth Yog’ means Natural Unity. There are no ‘others’ is this Unty. Giving and taking really just means ‘sharing the things that have always really been Nature’s Own’.

We prepare food twice a day. In the morning, we have chai. The first meal is ready around noon. If you tend to feel hungry in the morning, you can take some fruits or biscuits. Feel free to assist with the preparation of the food. The food we make is well balanced and vegetarian. We use milk products, but no eggs. We never use garlic and onion. Alcohol and meat are not allowed on the Ashram’s grounds.

The nearest town with internet, ATM and a market place is Bahjoi, about 4 km from Rajpur. You can get there by bicycle (we have two) or auto-riksha, or join someone else that goes there with the car or on the motorbike.

Our doors are always open: no need to make reservations. But do send us an email when you know the approximate date of your visit, and contact us again by phone a day or two before your arrival, so we can prepare your stay and maybe pick you up in Bahjoi or Chandausi. Our phone numbers are (0091)(0)9927248793 (Radhebaba) and (0091)(0)9639485125 (Savita).

Hope to see you in Rajpur soon!


Bruno & Radhe (& Savita, Ama, Ramcander… and the others at the Ashram)