People at the Ashram

Of course, many people have worked with us through the years. A number of people are of particular importance, though.

Radhe ‘runs’ the Ashram. He welcomes all and takes time to listen to everyone

Savita is doing a lot of work at the Ashram: cooking, cleaning, taking care of the cows…
The rest of the time, she’s studying… and laughing, of course!

Ama is Radhe’s mother, a very devout woman, makes ‘lassi’ and ghee every day, and she’s a master of traditional pickles!

Kanak likes playing more than working, but is great company for our visitors. She’s the youngest sister of Savita.

Ramchander has been with us since the beginning. He’s a master of traditional roof-making, vegetable and spice-gardens, and cooking ‘old school’

Some more people are with us, but they come and go. You’ll get to know them when you’re there.

And of course, we’ve got many volunteers. Just take a look at the pictures some of them made (on the right sidebar under ‘photo’s and blogs’).

Oh, and not to forget:

We’ve got lots of cows 🙂