The Ashram in Rajpur is closed at this moment. Radhebaba is now staying in his ashram next to the Charbhuja temple in Rajsamand district near Udaipur. Please click here for more information.

Organic Farming – read more

A School for Rajpur – read more

Gowsala- a safe home for our cows – read more

These projects were not ‘thought out’. They are a natural result of the Ashram’s presence in the village and the flow of Love we feel for this beautiful creation of the One.

Supporting these projects is possible by your presence at the Ashram, fundraising activities or collection of necessary materials. If you are interested in supporting these projects in any way, please contact us.

Main project:
The main project is the Ashram itself. An open community where people can get in touch with their body and their feelings, their Heart and their own inner Silence. All other projects naturally spring forth of the presence of this Love and the energy it creates to take action.
Let it be clear:
Nobody here ever did anything other than the work of the One Consciousness. We are One!