Future Projects

Here are some of the projects we will be working on in the future. Anyone interested in helping us to realize one of these projects can contact us (see the ‘contact’ section for details).

– Building a school for good and affordable education for the children of the area
– Developing the gardens and the ‘gowsala’ (a place to keep cows)
– Cleaning up the lake near Rajpur
– Expanding the production of organic fruits, grains and vegetables
– Setting up a systematic training program for farmers that are interested in organic ways of farming
– Promoting environment-friendly energy by using solar panels and methane gas from cow dung
– The construction of an ayurvedic hospital and gardens with herbs that are used in ayurvedic treatments
– Setting up similar projects in other parts of India and around the world

We are currently working on a project for a special school where the local children can combine their theoretical study with practical work like processing organic food products and making handicrafts. The profits of their work would then be returned to them when they leave school, so they would be able to go to college or start their own little business. As we do need more funding to make this dream come true, any help is greatly appreciated (click here if you would like to make a donation).

If you would like to support any of these projects, either by work or financially, please contact us.

In the year 2011, the Ashram had to face some setbacks. The storm that has struck India in May 2011 has caused a lot of damage, which resulted in financial difficulties. Moreover, prices are rapidly rising in India. As we were unable to pay our best workers a better wage, some of them have moved to other places. Rural India is going through some difficult times, and so is the Ashram. We are working hard to get things back on track, and we have good hopes for the future.