How to get to the Camp

The campsite is located in Sangam Sector 6, 3 km to the North of the Sangam and just 500 meters to the Ganga on the city side of the river. If you ask us, this is a very good location :-). The full name of the camp is Dharm Path – Yatharth Yog Ashram . There’s a signboard above entrance.

The site is easily reached from the railway crossing 500 meters to the south of Prayag raiway station. The first crossing is followed by a second crossing just 60 meters away. From that crossing, take the following steps to reach the camp:
– follow the Daraganj road running to the east, towards the Ganga
– just behind the rail crossing, you will see a green signboard over the road indicating “Daraganj 3 km”. This means you have the right road. Continue along this road for about 300 meters.
– you will see a white building on your left side. Continue 50 more meters. You are now on the bakshi baandh (not indicated).
– you will see a large sand (temporary mela road) running to the left. Follow that road.
– the road turns to the right after about 600 meters. Continue to follow it.
– 250 meters onwards you will see the Nag Vasuki Police Thana (mela police office) on your left.
– we’re just 100 meters up the road, on the left side of the road.
– if you reach the pontoon bridge crossing the Ganga, you have gone too far. Go 500 meters back and you’ll find us.

Don’t go to the Nag Vasuki Temple! That’s way to far on Daraganj road. You should get off the asfalted road and into the sands at the bakshi baandh, and then it’s only a little more that 1 km to camp on the big sand road that is created especially for the mela.

To get to Allahabad, trains are very good. Try the website to make your reservation. If you’re coming in from Delhi, you could check the ‘tourist booking office’ in New Delhi trainstation.They have a special quota for people on a tourist visa. Varanasi, Agra, Calcutta, Mumbai an Madras also have such an office.

You can take flights to Varanasi or Kanpur, and taxi’s from there. If you need a taxi, you can check the web for one of the many websites offering this service. And even if you don’t book through them, it’s good to get an idea of the price (talking to the drivers on the spot might be just a little easier when you have an idea of the price). The followings websites are reported to be trustworthy, but they are just the pick of a bunch:
Or you can just arrange it on the spot.

Most of the major towns in North India also have a bus connection to Allahabad. That’s good if you didn’t manage to get a train reservation.

Please know that on some of the major bathing days, it will be very hard to reach the main area of the Kumbh! It’s best not to arrive or leave the day before such a day or on the day itself. The governement has some vague plans of closing down traffic and stopping trains before Allahabad if the crowd is too big. Please check with the drivers or conductors to be sure.

Arriving by taxi:
If you do not arrive on a major bathing day (or the day before), it should be possible to drive up to Prayag station or up to the BAKSHI BANDHA (bakshi baandha) road block on the Daraganj road which goes from the railway crossing a little south of Prayag Railway station to Daraganj. The camp is less than 1 km from that road block. See below for more on how to get to the camp from the BAKSHI BANDHA.

Arriving by bus:

Bus terminals are very close to Allahabad Junction (the main railway station). Please check the entry on “arriving by train” to know more.

Arriving by train:
If you your train stops at Prayag railways station, it’s best to get off there. It’s only 1,5 to 2 km to the camp. Find the railway crossing 500 meters to the south of the station, so you can follow the route described above. This little map might help you a bit, but don’t take it too serious, especially the part from the bakshi baandh onwards, as these are temporary mela roads:

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* Don’t use this map as a final reference. Rather use the reference points mentioned below and the description mentioned above.

Some trains don’t stop at Prayag railway station, but they all stop at Allahabad Junction. From there, it’s about 8 km to the camp.

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* Don’t use this map as a final reference. Rather use the reference points mentioned below.

Around Allahabad Junction and the nearby Bus Terminals, you will find many riksha’s and taxi’s waiting for passengers. If you’re lucky, they will drop you straight at the bakshi baandha, about 1 km from the camp.

If they don’t know this, you can mention the following destinations to your driver, or ask local people. These places are all quite close to the camp.

– PRayag Railay station
– The Sabji Mandi (vegetable market) 500 meters to the south of Prayag Railway Station
– Baghala village
From any of these locations, it should be very easy to get to the bakshi baandha on the Daraganj Road (see the description above).

Please print out this information! It will help you to find us.

In case you don’t manage to find the camp, you can call on +919927248793 (Radhebaba), +919639485125 and +918053268044 (Bruno)
Be sure to check this page again just before coming. We might have added a phonenumber, a nearby destination or something else.

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