A few cautions

Well, the most perfect caution would be:

“Trust in the One Lord, even if things seem to go a little wrong. Don’t panic. All will be well” ­čÖé

On a practical level, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

– the major bathing days can be very busy. If you arrive or leave on such a day or the day before such a day, be prepared to sweat! Other days should be more relaxed.
– as the main area is closed to traffic on the major bathing days, be prepared to walk good distances. On normal days, this is no problem.
– not all baba’s and sadhu’s are perfect friends. Some of them can be quite “pushy”. Don’t feel bad for not talking to everyone. Saints and sages should understand your position. They will never feel they want something from you. Enjoy your time with the baba’s, but please don’t be afraid to follow your good intu├»tion. They are just people like you, after all.
– huge crowds attract all kinds of people. Thieves and pickpockets will also be coming to the Holy Ground. Pray for them, but don’t pay for them! Keep an eye on your belongings. Keep your most important stuff in a safe place on your body, or leave them in our locked safety box at the camp.
beggars are a different case. You may both pray and pay for them, but don’t feel you have to.
– there are many police stations (thana’s) around. If you don’t find your way or you have another problem, you can go to them. They should be able to help you.
– if you’re taking photographs, please try to be sensitive to the feelings of your subject. Ask if you have any doubts.
alcohol and meat are totally banned from the Mela.
– for both women and men, it is best to dress modestly
women should be aware of the fact that some men can be easily “aroused”, especially if you show more of your body then they are used to. Feel natural, but be careful, also with some of the baba’s.
inform yourself. Print out a little map of Allahabad and the Kumbh area (there’s a link to a map in the section on how to get to the camp)
print out the information on our camp location (how to get to the camp)
– write down the following phone numbers to reach us: (+91)9927248793 (Radhebaba) and (+91)7068089750 (Bruno).

check this page and the other pages on the camp again before you set out. Maybe we have added some important information. Try not to miss it.

You can find many websites that have good information on the Kumbh. A few examples:

The Maha Kumbh Mela


Know yourself to be the Eternal Peace in your own Heart. It is the best position for enjoying this Great Meeting.

All Blessings!

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